Je Ne Regrette Rien

Browsing some old photos in this raining night, one of a city which I have lived caught my thought.

I had a life there, a pretty good and glamous life. Friends. Family. Work.

But I’ve had a dream, so my heart followed this dream. Though there was a hint of fear deep in my thought. I left the city, without regret.

Looking at the photo, the buildings, the streets, the lights, it felt like I’ve had a previous life. ‘I was once laughing at here, crying in that shop, eating in this restaurant, arguing with someone just around that corner, this was my favourite cafe, I used to play tennis over there, I lived in that flat, was in love with someone ┅’ everything came up like a movie.

What if I hadn’t had left the city, what my life would be like? I might be still working, travelling, attending events, drinking wine, clubing in the same clubs, and repeat. With no surprises.

It is past.

I have a life now, in Spain. And I intend to live it here for a long time. Learn the language, make new friends, know the country…

Je ne regrette rien.


每个人都有自己对待梦想的态度,我想推荐每个有梦想的人读一本书,’The Alchemist‘, 中文翻译为 《炼金术士》 或者 《牧羊少年的奇幻之旅》,读完后,看看你的态度还是那样吗?下面是我7年前读书记,与友共享。


他本可以选择不去这趟寻宝之旅,像别的人一样,平凡的生活,为了生活而生活。 但是他选择了去寻宝。因为他有一个梦想,就是可以去旅行去看看外面的世界。在他决定去寻宝之前,他的父亲告诉他,年轻的时候,他也有过同样的梦想,但是为了生活和面包,他没有去旅行,而选择了更加实际的工作养家糊口,让自己的梦想在心里退却并枯萎。





保罗·柯艾略(Paulo Coelho)于1947出生在巴西里约热内卢,少年时代,因其叛逆,被视为精神疾病受到三次电击治疗;青年时代,因为反对政治独裁,被关进监狱;1986年,他踏上去往天主教圣城之一的西班牙圣地亚哥之路,途中心灵顿悟,写下《朝圣》一书,自此以来,他的作品以68种文字出版,在全球160多个国家和地区出版发行。其中,以《炼金术士》影响力深远,被欧美多家名校推荐学生毕业前必读书之一,联合国也聘请他为联合国和平大使。

Life 人生


I was still a baby yesterday

Eager to grow up

When I really grown up

Found out it’s not easy to be an adult

Then I started to miss my childhood

Meaningless, all is meaningless!


There were times full of laughter

Times of tears, hatred and joy

Had enemies, and friends

Had separations, for eternity

True love and betrayal

Ups and downs

Wounded and healings

Meaningless, all is meaningless!


Meaningless, all is meaningless!

Death will turn everything into ashes

Today you’re here

Tomorrow you vanish

Without a trace

The world will not remember this person

All in vain


Maybe, there is a purpose for all these

Maybe, everything has a purpose

Maybe, life itself is the purpose

Maybe, the purpose of this life is the Heaven after death

It is a matter of believe











































So I Will Love

Life has enough pains and sufferings, so I will love.
What matters if I get hurt, still I will love.

Betrayal and untrust made this world a cold place, so I will love.
Even if I am lied to thousands of times, still I will love.

Look around of you my dear friends,
sadness, sorrow and emptieness are written on people´s faces,
so I will love.
Though my compassion may be taken as silly, still I will love.

Gray days, it all so depressing, a smile could lighten up a stranger´s heart,
so I will love.
Not caring of what this world thinks, still I will love.

Watch the news, read the papers, nowadays only disasters are made to the headlines,
so I will love.
Pray for the people who encountered bad times, and bless our land to be healed.

God gave us the planet earth to live on, it is not wealth or food the world lacks,
what the world needs, is love, so I will love.
Yes, my effort is too small to make big changes, still I will love.

Please let me be a fool, please allow me to be crazy, hurt me if you like, of course it will be painful in my heart,
still I chose to love.

Love, till the end of my time.

Jesus was born to die in order to save us, because God loves us. He loves us, because He loves us; not because we are lovable or we loved Him first or we love him in return. He loves us just as who we are.

We did not chose Him, but He chose us.

John 3:16 For God so love the world that He gave them His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

My grace is suffient for you

‘My grace is suffient for you…’

— 2 Corinthians 12:9

‘For your behalf

I have been to hell.

I was betrayed by a friend, [Judas]

Denied by a closed one.[Peter]

I was humiliated,

Being dragged around as a criminal,

And I was all alone.

Yet I tell you,

‘My grace is sufficient for you!’

Lay your burdens at my feet,

For I am carrying you.

I have overcome the world,

So take heart, my beloved,

For you are standing in victory with me.’

Let your hearts be filled with peace and joy,

For you are on the winner’s side with Jesus Christ!

But he [Jesus] said to me [Paul], ‘ My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’  Suffering allows God the opportunity to demonstrate his wonderful grace. Paul received this grace and was able to take pleasure in difficulties because they enabled him to see God at work: ‘That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties.’ When we experience times of troubles, it allows us the opportunity to turn our eyes to God, to lean on Him, to stand firm by His side. Similiarly, in the case of Job, what he had experienced, if changed to most of people, one would have turned away from God, or closed oneself, or cursed God, but Job made the decision to trust Him – no matter what the outcome.

So brothers and sisters, let’s follow the examples of Job and Paul, take our stand on God’s grace, and commit ourselves to His hands, delight in Him, trust Him and be hopeful, because His grace is sufficient for us.

A Journey in My Dream

Some random thoughts came into my mind…

Ever since I’ve had memories, one of my habit is day-dreaming getting lost in a strange land, and having fun there. Sorta like Alice in Wonderland, maybe.

No destination, no map, just follow the heart, to travel. Never go to attractions, but hide in those small back streets, simply sit in a local café, watch people celebrating lives. Don’t have to speak the local languages, smile and body expression are better communications. Even if ordered the wrong thing on the menu, why not just experience it, and enjoy being a stranger.

Never afraid of the dream is too big; it could be as big as your heart could fly into it.

You and I

On Your chosen day, I was born, into love. I wholeheartedly accepted this new world, enjoying the sun and an unprecedented sweetness.

You gave me milk that made me strong. But I was a greedy child, asking for food all the time. I grew up very strong, until one day, I wanted to fly away. I told You, I would never leave You, and You gave me a piece of heaven.

I flew freely until suddenly I felt that I did not need You any more, and I decided to leave You. I went to a place thought You would never find me, lived a life that not pleasing You. I thought of You from time to time, but I seflishly chose to hurt You.

Until that day, I slipped; You lifted me up in a hidden place; I was in pain, You wept in the dark; I was wounded, You told me, come back, my child, I will heal you; my legs were broken, I couldn’t walk, You picked me up on your back, and told me, on Your chosen day, I would stand up again.

Now, I still tremble when standing, but the wound is healing, the tears are still on my face, but my heart believes, when that day comes, I will fly again.


Hey honey, you asked me what’s Jenlicious? Here is the official definition of Jenlicious:

1. Jen is happy. (Even so without you)

2. Jen is independent. No family has ever taught her or looked out for her ever, nonetheless, she is doing just fine, even though it took her a little while figuring things out.

3. Jen is confident. She believes in herself and she has faith in her life.

4. Jen is single (at the moment). She does not need a man to validate her or her social status, or to fulfil somebody else’s intentions.

5. Jen is not afraid of heartache. She is strong; to her, as long as she has given her one hundred percent, she has nothing to regret for. Of course, she hates heartache, cos it sucks!

6. Jen has got over YOU . She will always be able to get over a painful past and be able to just keep the happy cheerful memories.

7. Jen is always up for love, real love. It is not for just any guy. Jen is only up for the type A kind of a guy. She is not loser friendly.

Voila! C’est Jenlicious! 

I have no idea why I am single

I’ve had enough pain, betrayal and dark times in my life, so I rather focus on something that’s beautiful, such as love.

My heart desires someone who’s serious, respects and appreciates me. I am helpless in playing little games and hanging out/dating those guys who obviously don’t really respect me as a person but a vagina; if you don’t know yet, it’s so lame! So please get away from me! Jen is not loser friendly!

Guy A: hello, long time no see, you have another boyfriend yet?

Guy B: ah you were on holiday…so, how’s your personal life, like boyfriend?

Guy C: I don’t believe you don’t have a boy…friend!

Guy D: how come you don’t have a boyfriend?

Am I defined by a boyfriend? Would they be bothered to conversation just with ME?

I don’t think it’s hard to find a boyfriend, I just don’t wanna rush into a relationship with just any guy, or an okay guy…I want THE one.

I simply want the guy who can make me fall in love again.

Civilisation = ugly box buildings, 8-drive motorways, no farming land, no villiagers?

My 84-year old grandmother told me that the government have decided to erase the village where people have lived there for thousands of years. I’ve spent the first 7 years of my life there. The village is not even close to the city!

They will use the land to build commercial estates and to promote a ‘civilised living’. It will be the villagers own problem to sort out accommodation before all those ugly box-shaped buildings will be put up.

What’s wrong with those so called ‘people’s civil servants’? Why wouldn’t they leave the village and her people alone, to live the way they have lived for thousands of years?!

To ‘compensate’ the villagers for losing their houses (land), the government will grant them the privilege to use each 100 square meters of their current houses exchange 80 square meters in the future ‘civilised buildings’. Such a considerate deal!

Well done to our ‘civil servant’! Maybe in the very near future the world will not see any old buildings/villages in China, because we will be a ‘civilised modern country’!